Thanks for stopping by our website! Connecting Hands Across the Americas was born of a collective effort from three different churches in the United States who wanted to do missions work in Latin America.  Our dream at Connecting Hands has always been to engage others to work together for the cause of the gospel.  We do community development in Latin America starting with Guatemala.

Canton Barrios, Nuevo San Carlos, Guatemala is a rural place with limited community resources.  It is a remote place where they have to go to the major city to get education, health care, and other community needs.  It is in this rural area where we are focus to give hope to the dreams of many children and community members.  Explore this site as you see how these lives are being touch by our presences and love.

Rev. Rony Reyes


Middle School Update

Finishing Up the Classrooms October 2014

           Pastor Soto and Pastor Ernesto  Working

Laptops for Children

Laptops for the Middle School   

If you have an old laptop that is collecting dust, please do not hesitate to donate to connecting hands for the middle school in Guatemala. Si tienes una computadora portátil, favor de donarla a Conectando Manos (connecting hands) para la escuela en Guatemala.

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